360 Degree Vehicle Camera System

When civil engineering company WM Donald came to us, they wanted to enhance the safety of their vehicles and help protect their drivers.


Mike Meldrum met with Paul, our engineer to discuss the benefits of 360 Vehicle Camera System. With possible insurance benefits and added protection, it wasn’t hard for him to decide that these were the right cameras for the company.

There are 4 anti–tamper cameras that constantly record, a built in 1TB Hard Drive and 4-way split screen with triggers for indicators and reverse gear. Using the cameras, you can see all blind spots, which is vital when manoeuvring larger vehicles like WM Donald’s HGV’s.

The installation was done at their site when the HGV’s were off the road. Paul completed the work within the quoted time and provided a full demo allowing Mike and his team to manage the system themselves.


If you would like to know more or would like a quote, please get in touch with Paul on 01224 588844.