Should You Buy or Lease Your Next Smartphone?

Smartphones and tablets are the must have devices in business but the cost of keeping up with the latest devices and trends can be expensive.

A new iPhone or Smartphone costs in the region of £500, and when multiplied this by the number of staff in your business and we’re talking thousands of pounds. With most high end models being refreshed every year with the latest specifications and apps things can get even more costly. Getting tied into a two year mobile contract to get the latest devices isn’t necessarily the only option you have anymore.

Would you consider leasing and are you aware of the benefits?

Leasing is extremely flexible and financially beneficial

A lease gives you  a wider range of devices as well as a greater choice of mobile tariffs. Because the device and tariff are independent of each other, you can choose the phones or tablets you want along with the mobile tariff most cost effective and suitable for your businesses requirements. With short-term lease agreements and flexible end of term options available.  Even keeping your kit at the end isn’t a problem. Leasing also protects your cash in the bank and removes upfront Capex liability making it an Opex cost. Leasing is also tax deductible with tax benefits of up to 20%.

As the costs of mobile devices keep increasing, leasing has now become an extremely attractive and viable option for all businesses. If you’re considering refreshing your current mobiles, tablets or laptops, then give us a call to find out how it can benefit your business.

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