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Box is a powerful online storage and collaboration tool that allows businesses of all sizes to share and store content online. With Box you can share and collaborate easily, both inside and outside the company. And with the Box app on all your smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktops, you and your team can work together virtually anywhere.

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WiFi Calling

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McAfee Multi Access

McAfee Multi Access is an online security app that can protect all your devices at once, against viruses, spam, malware and identity theft. It combines a powerful suite of protective services from the world’s largest security company to protect phones, tablets, laptops and desktop computers, both Macs and PCs.


Microsoft Office 365

Let DF Communications make everything easier.  You can have access to all OFFICE services including email, apps and on-line meetings, but powered by the cloud.  No longer tied to a server, you pay a monthly fee and go – anywhere, anytime, any device.


Just Call Me

O2 Just Call Me is a simple, easy to use conference call service. The hassle of setting up a conference call has gone; there’s no need for dial-in numbers or pin codes. Just set the conference date and time on the app, invite participants and they just call your mobile number to join the call.