Crystal Ball

Vehicle/Device Tracking


Vehicle Tracking


Vehicle tracking is a sophisticated system enabling a business to effectively monitor vehicle costs (both fuel and ongoing repairs), track locations in real time and monitor driver behaviour.  Businesses using the system report financial savings and the ability to promote better driving, as well as improved efficiency in scheduling.  The detailed information provided can also assist with resolving complaints about drivers.

Mobile Phone Tracking

Mobile phone tracking enables continual reports on the locations of employees and company vehicles, using live location data to produce journey reports.  This application can be particularly useful when employees use their own or multiple vehicles, and can also be configured to monitor on-foot journeys as well.


Lone Worker Protection

Lone Worker Apps enable employees working alone to request help in an emergency, even if incapacitated.  It enables easy monitoring by an individual of a dispersed workforce, and can provide a vital part of Health and Safety provision for your company.