Drone & Video Services

Complementing our full suite of creative and photography services, we offer a unique perspective for your business. Using professional high-end equipment and highly-trained operators, we can deliver aerial photography and video as well as ground and studio-based video to put your business front and centre.

Our fully qualified drone pilot not only has the technical know-how, but has a creative eye for detail unlike many other drone operators. So we can truly get the best shots for your business.


We don’t outsource our work, with a full equipment set up and experts in-house, we can tailor our services to you by keeping you in the loop every step of the way.


We are fully protected by public liability insurance so you can feel comfortable in the knowledge that should the worst happen, we are covered.

Drone Footage

Gain a unique perspective on your business with our aerial photography and video services. We have an in-house, fully CAA approved drone pilot with experience across a wide range of creative mediums. We have the creative background and technical ability to make the most of the footage we take; with an advanced drone, video camera and a full studio photography set up, we have the tools and the skills to help you advance your marketing, advertising, website or social media presence.

For stunning shots like these for your business, please contact us for more information.

Video & Editing

With video rapidly replacing photography as the go-to marketing media, DF Creative is fully equipped to provide professional grade video productions. From filming with our cine-lens camera setup, for that high end film style look, to post-production, special effects and compositing.


We like to know all the juicy details of your project before quoting, to give you an accurate price for your particular requirements. So for more information, please contact us.


Other Aerial Services

Get in touch for other aerial services including:

  • aerial site survey
  • aerial inspection
  • asset & plant inspection
  • virtual view
  • and much more


For information and a comprehensive list of aerial services we can offer, please contact creative.