What is

Responsive Design?


Why bother with it?

Mind boggling fact:

More people in the world own smartphones than toothbrushes.

So safe to say, it’s important to be able to reach people on smartphones.

What does it actually do?

Well basically, it rearranges the content on the site to best fit any screen size, tablet, smartphone, smart TV etc. But the easiest way to show you what it does is with a video.

So, you’re saying I need it?

Well, yes. The way people access information is constantly changing with the rapid development of mobile technology. More and more people are even using smartphones and tablet computers to view corporate websites, as this gives them the ability to browse on the move.


As a result, businesses need to provide their customers, whether general consumers or other businesses, with an effective online experience where they can access the information they need both quickly and easily.