Hosted VOIP vs ISDN

COST Save up to 50% on your landline bill - Costlier
FLEXIBILITY Complete control and flexibility. Add lines/split calls it’s up to you - No flexibility
CONTROL Choose how and where you want calls delivered. Ability to make changes instantly - Changes can take months to implement and are subject to the supplier
FUTURE Well mapped out and ready for voice/data converge - Outdated – market withdrawal 2025
CONTINGENCY Handle emergencies with ease; reroute calls and back up sites in seconds - No backup unless a secondary failover solution is in place

Traditional telecoms solutions may no longer be the most effective option for your business communications. Added demand for flexible working and the need for more responsive business communications makes Hosted VoIP an ideal solution for businesses.

With Hosted VoIP, you can reduce your telecoms cost, improve the consistency of your customer service and enable business to support flexible and remote working practices.

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