IoT - The Internet of Things

Lone worker - compliance

IOT will help you to stay compliant with lone worker legislation.

Companies can receive automated alerts, to stay updated on staff movements including whether they have returned to base or home locations. By installing vehicle tracking devices, you can view live or download reports on multiple disciplines, including driving style, fuel consumption, time sheets, travel routes and current vehicle location. 

So How Does it Work?

IoT devices record and transfer data.

Data that tell us what’s really happening within our businesses, and with our customers.

Having sight of this crucial information helps you make informed decisions that benefit your business, keeping you ahead of the game.

Our IoT services give you that all-important visibility of supply chain, assets and operations, making sure you have what you need to make the right decisions for your business.

Failures, redundancy, disaster recovery and backups

How much would a week offline cost you and your business? Doesn’t bear thinking about, does it?

The good news is that 4G and 5G routers with fixed IP and unlimited data options offer a reliable, fast and flexible alternative to traditional landline business continuity and backup options. And it’s cost-effective too.

Ensure your business is protected.