What our customers say

Aberdeen Football Club

5G Routers

"We use the devices when travelling to away games, whether it be in Scotland or further afield when playing in the Europa League allow us to upload content to our social media platforms and website."

We use mobile WiFi devices from DF Communications at both AFC and AFCCT to allow us to stay connected at locations where traditional WiFi access is not available.

We use the devices when travelling to away games, whether it be in Scotland or further afield when playing in the Europa League allow us to upload content to our social media platforms and website. Our AFCCT coaches also use the devices to stay connected when delivering programmes at primary schools across the region.

Lee Forsyth
Senior IT Analyst

TAQA Global

5G routers

"In both scenarios the routers have worked well"

We’ve used the supplied 4G routers under two scenarios, to provide key personnel with high speed internet to enable remote access….. and to setup a temporary project internet connection used during the construction of our new office before we had the opportunity to arrange the permanent fixed line connections.

In both scenarios the routers have worked well and allowed the persons served to work effectively.

Alan Norrie
IT User Enablement Lead

VERO Recruitment

"We would highly recommend their services to any of our customers"

We engaged Craig and his team at DF Communications when we were setting up Vero Recruitment to help us with our comms. We run Vero from a home office in a rural location, so we had to overcome several problems with broadband and mobile connectivity. From our very first meeting, the service we received was exceptional.

We ultimately adopted a 4G internet service which also required several boosters throughout our property, coupled with a VOIP phone system. We were looked after on a day today basis by David Ralston, who provided us with constant updates and impeccable levels of service. Since go live our system has been faultless, allowing us to run our business efficiently and incredibly professionally.

We’ve had regular contact from the team at DF since we signed up to their services and have always felt that we are a valued customer. We would highly recommend their services to any of our customers.

Andrew Ferguson


I was introduced to DF Communications more than 15 years ago and have since build up a significant level of trust over the years. DF Communications don’t over promise and under deliver – they have on more than one occasion gone the extra mile to provide us with first rate customer service. Every DF Communications team member I’ve came in contact with are professional, kind and knowledgeable.

Bruce Buchan

Andron Facilities Management

We were introduced to DF Communications towards the end of our mobile phone contract. Their team were keen to understand our requirements and listen to areas of concern we had with our previous provider.

Very quickly after that we received a bespoke solution and recommendations that solved our concerns and gave us a cost effective package. Having agreed to switch, the transition process was handled seamlessly and efficiently by the DF Communications team.

I have been highly impressed with the proactive and responsive approach taken by the whole team and would have no hesitation in recommending them.

Andrew Harper
Finance Director

Northcote Services Ltd

I had been considering an upgrade to my office phone system for some time and being a long standing mobile customer of DF I obtained a proposal and quote which I was quite happy with, though there always seemed to be another priority cropping up and the proposal never got concluded.

Then out of the blue the company I had been using for years, unexpectedly and without sufficient time to plan a change, declared that they we no longer providing a telephone service for my business due to their internal operating change and my phone line would be cut off in 3 days’ time, this letter was delivered by mail on the Friday, though with no one in the office on that day, this was not received and read until the Monday by which time the line was dead and I had no communications. After a furious call to the company I discovered that not only had the cut the line but had also cancelled my phone numbers with no option to retrieve them, meaning a very costly exercise to rebrand with new numbers

I got in touch with Les at DF Communications (who was in a business seminar at the time but who still took the time to take my call) I explained the problem and both he and the DF Comms Team totally got it and sprang into action. They understood my dilemma and the urgency. The way DF Comms responded was simply brilliant. There was no mucking around and within 2 hours of my call I had an engineer in my office setting up a temporary solution, meaning that for my clients & suppliers; it was business as usual.

Within 7 days, they had retrieved my previous numbers (saving another potential costly exercise) arranged a new fibre to the cabinet line and delivered, installed and fully setup a nice new shiny and permanent phone solution, which has lots more useful features, is easier to use and my running costs are now less than I was paying before.

DF Communications really turned things around for me and provided an absolutely fantastic service, I would have no hesitation in recommending DF communications to friends, family, customers, or suppliers.

Graeme Thomson


5G routers

"It has made a massive difference for us both"

It has made a massive difference for us both when working from home and when watching Netfix etc. I can imagine it really benefitting people who live outside of the city and struggle to get good broadband.


Harper UK

Internet & phone system

"DF Comms understood our dilemma and promised to fix our issues or let us walk away with no penalty."

We had been experiencing severe drop out issues with our phones and internet made worse by slow and ineffective service response from our incumbent provider for well over 6 months. When we were approached by DF Comms, we were, naturally reluctant to move to a new provider, with no guarantee of improvement.

DF Comms understood our dilemma and promised to fix our issues or let us walk away with no penalty.

Since DF Comms took control of internet and phone system, we have not even had one problem. If I need a change of user, it’s done first time of asking. Does not bear thinking about the amount of time wasted with the last system. We certainly won’t be walking away from DF Comms, they are here to stay.

Pamela Blackadder
Company Director