Cloud Telephony or VoIP

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VoIP Features

UK Numbers

Keep your business phone number. There’ll be no business continuity issues for you or your clients, saving you time and money.


Making changes is easy. Manage your messages on the go or in the office, and choose personalised or group messages.

Voicemail to Email

Read your voicemails whenever suits, wherever you are.


A wide range of desktop, cordless phones, conference phones or headsets are available.

Mobile App

Carry your office system and services on your mobile. Answer and forward calls as if you were in the office.

Backup Options

If there’s an issue at work, we can redirect your calls to your home, mobile or another number until the fault’s resolved.

Call Recording

On demand and great for training or dispute resolution.

CRM Management

Links with CRM systems for issue escalation or sales and marketing.

Address Books

Bring in all your contacts and sync with your other devices.

Call Transfer

See easily who’s available, or on another call or in a meeting. Keep in touch with colleagues too through instant message.

Call Forwarding

Divert calls to another device, including your mobile or laptop, and answer calls from anywhere.

Desktop App

Control your phone system from your computer; see what’s happening across your business.

On-Hold Marketing

Update customers on your products and services, including any special offers and promotions, while they’re on hold.

Home workers

Connect securely to your office phone, system and tools using any home internet connection.

VoIP Collaboration Features

Team Numbers

Give teams individual hunt group numbers for direct access to specific departments.

Conference Calling

Schedule and host calls for your team or suppliers, already built-in to the system.

Video Conferencing

Call, message and meet anyone, on any compatible device, in full HD. Schedule and host your own secure calls for your team, management or suppliers.

Call Barging

Perfect for training and quality monitoring, call barging allows you to listen in to live calls.

Instant Messaging

Instant Messaging between colleagues and teams which can be accessed from any device.

CRM Integrations

The DF Comms system integrates with many popular CRM systems to create a seamless workflow.

Shared Contacts

Select which contacts and address books to share between teams & colleagues so details are available to everyone.

Desktop Sharing

Share anyone’s desktop or a single window for security.

File Downloads

Instantly allow others to download a file, directly from your meeting.

VoIP Admin Features

Add & Remove Users

Add and remove users instantly with an easy-to-use management system.

Manage Team Numbers

Add users to team numbers at a click of a button to help with workflow.

Call Centre Manager

Improve customer interactions and service levels with our management system.

Disaster Recovery

Set up a failover that automatically kicks in should blackouts occur, ensuring phone calls are always answered.

Instant User Lock-out

Instantly lock-out users when devices go missing.

Call Reporting

Live and historic call reporting to monitor and track user activity.

Credit Locking

Automated outbound call barring when a pre-agreed call credit threshold has been reached, with email and SMS notifications.