Vehicle Tracking

Why Should You Think About Vehicle Tracking?

Great question.

Putting a system in place that gives you valuable vehicle and driver insights improves overall fleet efficiency and is compliant with lone worker legislation. And that makes good business sense and ensures you’re looking after your people.

It lowers your overheads and, chances are, you’ll pay less for insurance and fuel. You’ll be doing the right thing to look after your workforce too — for example, when it comes to looking after lone workers, you can track, or get automated alerts, when someone comes back to the yard or gets home.

Plus, the system helps protect your vehicles from theft while, at the same time, helping keep customers happy.

Our Promise

We’ll install a system that suits you, free of charge.

Then we’ll run through with you how to use the apps and services.

Plus, when things are up and running, we’ll be on hand to chat things through.

We can also retrofit the likes of dashcams and parking sensors, which can also help reduce your business insurance premiums.

How it works

The vehicle tracking system gives you eyes on your vehicles in real-time using any internet-connected device.

The system uses GPS satellites to locate your vehicles and mobile technology to update positions, routes and logs.

Using Google Maps with satellite, street view and traffic integration, pinpoints your vehicles. Website instant access to 12 months’ history, with older data archived for easy retrieval.

  • Easy to use mobile app, free installation
  • No upfront cost - flexible monthly packages to suit
  • Protect your assets with live tracking
  • Daily reports - giving you a comprehensive activity overview

Mobile App

Tracking software screenshots

With tracking you can see the real-time location of your vehicles and access a range of features. The app is free to download and offers -

  • Vehicle List – a summary of all your vehicles and where they are now
  • Live Tracking – the latest location of any vehicle in real time and others in the area. Follow vehicles through the app and the screen will automatically update
  • Trip Data – shows trips carried out any day over the pasts six months

Daily Vehicle Tracking Logs

Clear and easy-to-read, this information is split into separate trips and you can home in on finer detail for each vehicle. For ease, you can also filter out stops made with the ignition on and short movements around the site.

Add your own customer address and location names, replacing street addresses on customised reports, so you can see quickly the sites you visit the most.

Links to locations and routes — click on a place and the system will take you to a map showing the location. The magnifying glass next to each trip takes you to route display.