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Benefits of Vehicle Fleet Tracking

May 6, 2021

Tracking technology is becoming a common piece of equipment to have onboard for most businesses. They can be put on any vehicle and the different devices to choose from are easy to install.

It is a quick and simple way to monitor route analysis; daily and monthly speed reports; daily and monthly mileage reports as well as analysing personal driver styles and behaviour.

There are various types of tracking devices so companies can choose which tailors to their needs best. There are both self-installed and professionally installed options, with the self-installed being more flexible but containing less features.


One of the leading concerns with vehicle tracking is that workers feel as if their employer is watching over their every move, ready to pick up on any mishap that may occur. This feeling, although hard to shake, is not the goal or intent of the establishments.
Instead, they look to increase productivity and safety for their employees.  
Some organisations are indeed hesitant to bring this technology into their day-to-day workings in fear of selective employees feeling insulted or singled out. However, once the initial hurdle of misconception has been leapt over, the company is sure to start seeing results instantaneously.

The benefits to both the employers and employees are difficult to ignore, especially if you are a business looking to improve your company vehicles’ impact on routine runnings.


Tracking allows managers to gain a clear insight into the movements of their workforce letting them see clearly where improvements can be made in aspects of driving style like fuel efficiency of drivers.
With this device managers are able to distinguish between personal use of company cars vs working use, in the long-term helping reduce fuel costs.

Lone workers will be at ease knowing they are being tracked by fellow team members of the workforce, giving that extra reassurance and helping them to feel safe and secure every day.
Each driver is able to have full access to their personal ‘daily behaviour score’ via the system app. Whilst some employers may want to keep this information private, it would be a great way to engage new drivers with the system and motivate them into wanting to achieve a better score.

Tracking should be introduced as something that is going to help the company as well as helping its employees, not something that creates a trust barrier between them.
Dashcams are a great example, a safety net for any driver that may encounter an incident on the road - concrete video evidence of the event.

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