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How to move office without disrupting your business phone & internet systems

February 20, 2023

Relocating your business can be a signal of success, determination and dynamism, but it can also be an incredible headache if you don’t plan accordingly.

So how can you experience minimal downtime and ensure your business gets back on track from your new premise? We’ve put together a list below.

Business relocations happen for many reasons. Whether you’re expanding, moving to a more suitable location or finding a better space to accommodate a combination of remote, hybrid and in-office employees. 

Whatever your reason for the move, you’ll want it to be as seamless as possible and experience little to no downtime in the process.

  1. Plan ahead

    Of course, the first step is to plan ahead, and this seems like an obvious one, but you’d be surprised at the amount of business owners who leave things to the last minute. So what do you need to plan? Once you have the location and timeframe of your move, it’s essential to consider your business telecommunications. Here are just a few to consider:
  • How will you move your phone system and handsets?
  • Does your new office have access to the right broadband speeds for your needs?
  • If you’ll have new employees joining the team, how can you set them up to your existing phone system?

    When you relocate your office, it's vital to review your existing telecom system so that there are no glitches when the new space goes live. It’s also a great opportunity to evaluate any system or software upgrades that would be beneficial for your team — such as offering improved collaboration or remote functionality. Let us do all the work and conduct a free systems review, simply get in touch with our team here.

  1. Consider your business needs

    If you’ve decided it’s time to upgrade to a bigger or better space, it’s likely it’s time to upgrade your systems too. Business telecommunications technology continues to develop at an incredible pace providing fantastic solutions for all business types. Whether you’re looking to improve team productivity and efficiency with accurate analytics, connect remote and on-site employees with ease, or reduce costs associated with line rental or hosted license costs; there are solutions to fit your needs and budget.

  2. Maintain your brand familiarity

    Previously when business would relocate, that meant also changing your business phone number. However, just because your physical location may change, this doesn’t mean your telephone number needs to also be changed. Keeping the same business phone number when you move is hugely beneficial for a variety of reasons, the main being it’s likely your main advertised point of contact for your customers, especially with 52% of customers more likely to reach for the phone to contact a business. Luckily, our experts have easy to implement solutions to remove the headache of needing to switch phone numbers. Once your phone system is up and running in your new premise, it can be beneficial to add automated on-hold marketing to your system to notify phone customers of your recent move and change of address. Give us a call on 01224 588 844 to find out more.

  3. Streamline hybrid teams

    We’re seeing an increase in businesses adopting a hybrid working style, with a study finding 76% of companies shifted to hybrid in the past year. Employees can work from in the office, at home, or in the field, but now can be more connected than ever with the right solutions. Hosted cloud based solutions or VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) can keep your teams connected seamlessly with the ability to use your system from anywhere, minimising downtime, increasing efficiency and allowing you to provide the best customer experience possible. 

When you're setting up shop in a new location, it's important to make sure that your business communications systems can follow you there. Get in touch with us for a free review of your existing telecom setup so we can help ensure an easy transition into the new space and discuss any upgrades or additional features that might be beneficial as well.

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