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ISDN Switch Off – Are you ready

May 6, 2021

Like most things going "cloud" in the advancing age of technology, phone lines are next in line for a makeover. With plans to stop the installation of IDSN lines by as soon as 2025, companies should be thinking about switching over to VoIP sooner rather than later.  

This is a relatively stress-free switch that will reap some of these benefits:

- Improved call quality
- Highspeed and better-quality broadband
- Landline and mobile calls are all included in the line rentals - within the UK
- Overall, it is a much more cost-effective system

What is VoIP?

VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol and basically, allows companies to receive and make calls through their current Internet connection. This means calls can be made anywhere you have connectivity!
Why do you want it?

For starters, having this installed in offices reduces company costs for outgoing phone calls. Also, due to it being linked up to an existing connectivity, as well as no on-sight equipment required, getting started is relatively simple.

The VoIP provider will home all of the hardware and infrastructure that is needed in a secure data centre. All data is of course protected and private.

VoIP offers a more flexible option for businesses, especially during the current COVID circumstances where some offices cannot be kept or are having to be downsized. By getting rid of ‘digital’ phone lines you are able to handle call diversions, lines and any additional numbers with much greater ease and a lot lower risk for your company’s communications.

A quick sign up online, followed by an easy configuration set up and you are ready to start managing from your dashboard. It really is an easy switch, do not leave it too late.

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