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Mobile device management

December 15, 2021

Is your information safe without MDM?

Mobile device management is a safety net, an extra security blanket.

All information on company devices such as phones, laptops and tablets can be protected from a couple clicks of a button.
We have all experienced the sheer panic that comes over you when you believe you have lost a device, or it has in fact been stolen. Who can access my personal information? Can people unlock my phone? Well, the simple answer is yes.
This is why companies install MDM, so that employees and company information can be protected against these things. Devices can be locked, restricted or even wiped remotely should anything happen.

At DF Coms we offer the following mobile device management options:

o   SOTI
o   Wandera

Supplying mobile phones or devices to every employee in the company can be expensive, especially if you are a small business or just starting up. This is why a lot of smaller companies have the ‘bring your own’ initiative. This allows individuals to bring their own device or handset to work but the company pays for the contract. There are many variations to this scheme but, providing device data is the most common.
If a worker is accessing private company information on this, as well as using the same tech for personal use, it is hard for companies to differ between the two and it is easy to feel like you are not in full control of your own phone or laptop.

As well as reducing company costs on handsets and mistreated goods, mobile device management also offers a much more efficient way to manage the companies many devices. The app will give staff access to dashboards which can give precise feedback on which devices are being used by who. This can help to control security of information between staff as turnovers happen, alongside tracking features that reduce time spent looking for devices.

Offering greater efficiency, lower costs and a more up to date security management system for company devices, mobile device management is in easy reach for all. It is worth-while jumping on this as soon as possible, not only to make managers lives easier, but helping with the overall running’s of your business.

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