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Oh for fax-sake! The end of an era

February 20, 2023

You read that right, fax machines will soon be no more! You might be aware that the UK has initiated the shutdown of analogue (ISDN and PSDN), with the full shutdown being completed in 2025 - and with that your fax machine will no longer work and you’ll need to switch to another way of communicating (for example, email). 

You may be reading this struggling to recall the last time you used a fax machine - if ever for any Gen Z or some Millennial readers - but despite the fax machines appearing in many museums’ technology exhibits, there are still estimated to be more than 40 million fax machines still in operation globally, with nearly 20 billion documents making their way via fax every year.

Why did we ever stop using fax machines?

The machines were innovative in their day, but since their initial invention in 1843 by Alexander Bain (yes, you read that year right!) technology has advanced light years in terms of security, cost and reliability, making the once marveled machines obsolete.

Since it’s peak in the 1980’s, the use of fax machines has rapidly declined, being replaced with more secure and cost effective systems such as email and efax solutions. But if you’re one of the 40 million die hard faxxers, don’t worry just yet. Your machine won’t stop working right away, and there are alternatives to explore in the meantime that are similar but more up to date - ultimately helping your business cut costs and grow.

However, it’s not just fax machines that will be disrupted by the ISDN and PSDN switch off. Other devices can also be affected by the switch, so we recommend assessing your devices now rather than later, such as:

  • POS & Payment terminals
  • EPOS Systems
  • Fire & Safety alarms
  • Door entry systems
  • CCTV systems
  • Emergency call services in lifts/elevators

If you’re not sure how to check your current systems, get in touch for a free systems review. Our experts can provide you with the information you need to ensure your business won’t be disrupted by the big switch off.

Get in touch today at or give us a call on 01224 588 844

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