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Why Mobile Device Management is Essential for Businesses to Protect Their Data

June 15, 2023

In today's digital age, businesses rely heavily on mobile devices to conduct their operations. However, with the rise of mobile devices comes a greater risk of data breaches and cyber attacks. That's where Mobile Device Management (MDM) comes in.

What is Mobile Device Management (MDM)?

MDM is a comprehensive solution that enables businesses to manage and secure their mobile devices, including smartphones, tablets, and laptops. MDM allows businesses to remotely manage and monitor their devices, enforce security policies, and protect sensitive data.

According to a report by Verizon, 43% of cyber attacks target small businesses. This is because small businesses often lack the resources and expertise to implement robust security measures. MDM can help bridge this gap by providing businesses with the tools they need to protect their data.

What are the benefits of Mobile Device Management (MDM)?

MDM can also help businesses comply with data protection regulations, such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). These regulations require businesses to protect the personal data of their customers and employees.

Data from the Department for Culture, Media, and Sport shows that data breaches with material outcomes (where sensitive data, information or money was lost) cost medium and large businesses around £19,400. This includes the cost of lost business, legal fees, and regulatory fines. Implementing MDM can help businesses avoid these costs by preventing data breaches and protecting sensitive data.

MDM can also help businesses increase productivity and efficiency. By managing and monitoring their mobile devices, businesses can ensure that their employees have the tools they need to do their jobs effectively. This can lead to increased productivity and better business outcomes.

So why do businesses use mobile device management (MDM)?

1. Security: Mobile device management (MDM) allows businesses to enforce security policies, such as password requirements and data encryption, to protect sensitive information on mobile devices.

2. Compliance: Many industries, such as healthcare and finance, have strict regulations for protecting customer data. MDM can help businesses ensure compliance with these regulations by monitoring and controlling access to sensitive data.

3. Remote management: With MDM, businesses can remotely manage and troubleshoot mobile devices, which is especially useful for employees who work remotely or travel frequently.

4. App management: MDM allows businesses to control and manage the apps installed on mobile devices, ensuring that employees have access to the necessary tools and preventing the installation of unauthorised apps.

5. Cost savings: By managing mobile devices centrally, businesses can reduce the time and resources required to manage individual devices. This can result in cost savings and increased efficiency


  • Mobile Device Management is essential for businesses to protect their data and comply with data protection regulations.

  • With the rise of cyber attacks and data breaches, businesses need to take proactive measures to secure their mobile devices.

  • MDM can help businesses avoid costly data breaches, increase productivity, and protect sensitive data.

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